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Aqualisa Quartz & Visage Digital Range Changes

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

As of February 2014, Aqualisa will be upgrading their digital shower range.

The Aqualisa Quartz Digital shower will have a new upgraded rails and handset holder. The fixed head version will have a new drencher head. The item codes will be updated but effectively the item is the same just with the afore mentioned alterations.

So here is what the changes look like:
QZ.A1.BV.05 will become QZD.A1.BV.14
QZ.A2.BV.05 will become QZD.A2.BV.14
• QZ.A1.BR.05 will become QZD.A1.BR.14
• QZ.A2.BR.05 will become QZD.A2.BR.14
QZ.A1.EV.05 will become QZD.A1.EV.14
QZ.A2.EV.05 will become QZD.A2.EV.14

The Aqualisa Visage Digital will also be getting a slight make over. They will be complete with a new stylish chrome controller and a much improved kit. Fixed head versions will have drencher heads. A new diverter option will also be launched.

Again, Aqualisa will be updating the item codes on the concealed and exposed showers, so to avoid any confusion we have the old and new codes for you.
VSDCA01HC will become VSD.A1.BV.14
VSDCA01G will become VSD.A2.BV.14
• VSDCF01HC will become VSD.A1.BR.14
• VSDCF01G will become VSD.A2.BR.14
VSDEA01HC will become VSD.A1.EV.14
VSDEA01G will become VSD.A2.EV.14